Very excited to share my first paper with @_michael_scholl, @PappKate, @neuroplebeian and @david_berron

The field of so-called digital biomarkers for AD is exploding, which is why it is so important to critically assess what they can actually do. Very happy to a share our latest review on the current state:

Structural connectivity-based segmentation of the human entorhinal cortex.
Our latest #preprint led by @ingridfrsyv with @Mennopw, @AsgeirKobro, Pål Erik Goa, & @T_N_Schroeder is now on #biorxiv. #biorxiv_neursci

Happy #SubfieldWednesday! We hope you enjoyed our inaugural HSG Webinar Series as much as we did.🤗
To make the next iteration even better, we want your feedback. Emails are going out to the address used to register or you can access the form here: 🧠🍤

The last @ISTAART #NeuroimagingPIA webinar of the year will be a joint effort with the #NSSPIA: "Neuroanatomy for Neuroimagers".
It'll focus on the Medial Temporal Lobe, Locus Coeruleus, and other nuclei. I'll co-chair with @ajehrenberg!
Free registration:


Happy to announce our 1st lab paper by Niklas Vockert in collab. with @ValentinaPerosa , Steffi Schreiber and @DuzelLab on Hippocampal vascularization patterns relating to higher anterior MTL structure but not vascular pathology in old age @braincomms

It isn't #SubfieldWednesday (yet!), but today we are sharing the link to the recording of our June HSG webinar on "Functional Connectivity" featuring @maureenritchey and @xe_grande + group updates from HSG steering committee chair @DrAnaDaugherty🧠✨🍤

Single-cell anatomical analysis of human hippocampus and entorhinal cortex uncovers early-stage molecular pathology in Alzheimer's ... #biorxiv_neursci

We are looking for healthy adults (aged 18-30 or 45-65 years) in the South East to take part in Alzheimer's Research - get in touch to find out more! Please retweet to help to spread word of the study to people in your network 🙂

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