We are looking for healthy adults (aged 18-30 or 45-65 years) in the South East to take part in Alzheimer's Research - get in touch to find out more! Please retweet to help to spread word of the study to people in your network 🙂

Guest post by @DrAnaDaugherty on hippocampal (Hc) vascularization.

Brought to you by “anastomosis” (noun): a cross-connection between adjacent blood vessels; plural “anastomoses”.

As in, “Wow! 54 years of mapping anastomoses”

#SubfieldWednesday 🧵 1/


Hello, I'm pleased to announce that we *finally* received approval for a job posting in my lab! We are looking to hire a full-time research assistant. Please pass this on to anyone who might be interested. Thanks! https://recruit.ucdavis.edu/JPF04226

Ok, since #IchbinHanna is trending, for everyone who doesn't know the German academic system and how messed up it is because of its weird laws and rules, here's a short version. 1/n

Bitte mitmachen wen es betrifft... Neues Forschungsprojekt an der Uniklinik Köln! Freuen uns auf jeden Kontaktsportler der uns unterstützen kann!
@UKKoeln #concussion #athletes #research #postconcussion #gehirnerschütterung #schädelhirntraumata #kopfverletzung #kontaktsport https://twitter.com/kopfankopf1/status/1402613280535945217


Teilnehmer für eine spannende Studie gesucht!
Einfach QR Code scannen & los gehts 🙂

Dauer: ca. 20 Minuten

@UKKoeln #concussion #athletes #contactsports #research #postconcussion #gehirnerschütterung #schädelhirntraumata #kopfverletzung #teamsport #kontaktsport

Our paper on plasma biomarkers and their predictions of longitudinal amyloid PET, tau PET, brain atrophy and cognition is finally out: http://bit.ly/3cwVEwD! Thanks to everyone involved! @biofinder_study @EStomrud @SebastianPalmqv
@DaniellevWe @NiklasMattsson4 @OskarHansson9

This @NatureMedicine review presents an overview of recent advances in the field of biomarkers for neurodegenerative diseases. Future directions are discussed regarding implementation of novel biomarkers in clinical practice and trials. I hope you like it! https://rdcu.be/clSoL

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