Assessing methods for geometric distortion compensation in 7T gradient echo fMRI data #biorxiv_neursci

Super excited to share the outcome of our amazing collaboration @RockefellerUniv with @OlgaTroyanskaya and @vyao, out today in @NeuroCellPress, investigating selective neuronal vulnerability in Alzheimer's! Only regret is that Paul Greengard is not here to share the joy. 1/n

2 new preprints today: 1st @deng_lifu and @zachmonge's Age-related dedifferentiation and hyperdifferentiation of perceptual and mnemonic representations. TLDR, aging impairs posterior viz and mnemonic representations, but enhances them in anterior regions.


Recognition memory: familiarity signals increase selectively in the lateral entorhinal cortex following hippocampal lesions #biorxiv_neursci

Organization of cortico-hippocampal networks in the human brain #biorxiv_neursci

My progmod #RStats package is now online: The models estimate population-level disease progression patterns by aligning short-term patterns observed from different individuals. Below is an example of cognitive scores in #Alzheimers disease.

Latest paper now available, with code.
#KernelDensityEstimation #Alzheimers #ProgressionModel
First author: @Piman314
Teams/Projects involved: @UCLMIGPOND @drcionucl @Euro_POND

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