📢 PhD position alert 📢 the gaislab is hiring again! If you're into sleep and neuroplasticity, this might be for you: https://www.psychjob.eu/de/job/wissenschaftliche-n-mitarbeiter-m-w-d-im-bereich-schlaf-und-neuroplastizitaet-20276

I had a fabulous time at #ESCoP22 in Lille. Thank you to the organisers and for Dorottya Bencze, @HGellersen, @david_berron, and @LorisNaspi for a really fun symposium, followed by a mountain of cheese

Excited to be presenting findings from my work on memory fidelity in ageing with the Cambridge Memory Lab of @js_simons at the Conference of the European Society for Cognitive Psychology #ESCOP22 in Lille tomorrow at 5.10pm. If anyone would like to catch up, drop me a message!

Looking forward to our symposium on 'Object Memory: which factors contribute to the fidelity of retrieval and recognition?' at #ESCOP22 in Lille. I'll be joined by Dorottya Bencze, @LorisNaspi, @HGellersen and @david_berron at 4:30pm.

And since we are at it, we are also looking for a Data Scientist in our Image and Data Analysis Facility @DZNE_en:


First AAIC as a group with @HGellersen and @HaBaumeister was fantastic and so great to meet everyone again - looking forward to next year! @AAIC22 @DZNE_en

I’ll be presenting my second poster at #AAIC2022 _”linking histology to post-mortem 7T MRI measures of neurodegeneration” today. Please stop by (P4-248). Looking forward to seeing you. #NeuroTwitter #NeuroRad

Morning #AAIC2022 #AAIC22 Come and stop by today at P4-200 to learn more about our work on mapping the brain at 7 Tesla post mortem ex vivo MRI @picslupenn @pennbioeng
@rmmr_group @PennFTDCenter

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