Dementia diagnosis represents a major challenge globally - but we find ourselves at a pivotal moment with an evolution in diagnostics, potential treatment breakthroughs & more.

Join us 1 week from today, #WorldAlzDay, as we launch our new #WorldAlzReport:

@Brain1878 joins over 200 journals today in publishing the same editorial calling for emergency action on #ClimateCrisis to protect health and restore biodiveristy

Our collaborative study on Quantitative evaluation of prospective motion correction in healthy subjects at 7T MRI has just been published in Magn Reson Med.
Thanks to all our collaborators at BMMR, @DZNE_de, @LIN_Magdeburg and @unimedmagdeburg

Karriere an der Uni: zwölf Jahre befristete Verträge - und am Ende Professor oder Taxifahrer.
Zum ganzen Video mit Till Reiners ⏩

Excited to share our new opinion paper w @DuzelLab @WilmaBainbridge @david_berron @anne_maass!
A read on how we see episodic memories as landscapes & link memorability, functional anatomy, Alzheimer’s disease, and content-specific memory loss.

Please join our hybrid session today (7/28/2021, 1-2:15PM) on #Amyloid and #Tau #PET and #Cognition. With @LCollij, @david_berron @M_Chapleau, @ErikRubenSmith and @PappKate. #AAIC2021

Congratulations to @JoanaBPereira1, recipient of the #AAIC21 Junior Scientist de Leon Award in Neuroimaging. Dr. Pereira is associate professor at @karolinskainst, and she is affiliated to Professor Oskar Hansson's group at Lund University.

After Henrik Zetterberg's #AAIC21 plenary yesterday –we will dive even deeper into the world of #plasma #biomarkers for #AD (not #astronauts).

8am MT
4pm CET

It will be out of this world 🚀

@SebastianPalmqv @biofinder_study @MayoClinic
@VUamsterdam @goteborgsuni

Happy to share our latest work on downstream effects of neurodegenerative pathologies on medial temporal lobe structure in a large ex vivo dataset:

Strong effects of TDP-43 on all regions and of tau on early Braak regions.

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